Auto sync new ideas every time

SpyPro.IO will automatically store and hourly update trending products on Facebook. By analyzing related keywords in the public content of posts, interactions in the comments, like, share, recommend of users and our secret solution.

  • Research trending niches
  • Find out niches by filter options with platforms, date, country, categories
  • Explore thousands of amazing ideas by top likes, shares, comments

Example Items by Likes

All screenshots were taken from real data, so we will hide the real name/title to avoid unexpected complaint. Use *** instead.

Sell more, faster and more efficiently

Just in a few clicks, you found your amazing ideas for creating a new product to sell online. Fast or faster of mining ideas, it will depend on your design skills.

  • Find trends items by top liked, shared & comments
  • Find trends items by date & time
  • Own your items by keywords

Example Items by Top Shares

Never miss an event

You can explore millions winning products niches by hobby, liked-share-comment, or whatever most interested in of content from users on social. One important thing, you are also able to browse the ideas by date & time – a way to follow up on events from the history to date.

You can filter trends items by:

  • today or yesterday.
  • From a week.
  • In this month.
  • In this year.
  • From a special event dates.

Example Top Items Today

Browse by Platform

Many successful campaigns were launched from seller platforms like Teechip, merch by Amazon, Gearlaunch, ViralStyle ..etc. So depends on your favorite platforms, you can browse your own trends items.

  • Trends items from TeeChip
  • Trends items from GearLaunch
  • Trends items from ViralStyle
  • Trends items from Teezily
  • Trends items from Moteefe
  • Trends items from Gearbubble
  • Trends items from HostingRocket
  • Trends items from Teespring
  • Trends items from TeeHag ..etc.

Example Niches from Teechip

Follow super sellers

Follow your seller idols or successful pages may be a great way to catch up trending items and niches. By using the follow page option, you are able to get these notice from followed page:

  • Latest posts.
  • Browse all posts by page.

Example Items from a page

Save favorite products ideas

Stored your all favorite products ideas into account to use later while you do surfing thousand trending items.

Browse my favorite items